Andrew Frame and the Creation of a New App

A fundamental principle to a functioning society is the people being able to communicate and share information with each other. In the olden days, it was limited to those in the local area. However, with the advent of smartphones, the entire playing field has changed. It has become possible to share information between others across […]

Learn to Make Money in Foreign Exchange Markets with IM Academy

IM Academy is an online education forum that teaches you how to trade in the foreign exchange and ecommerce markets. If you have been considering how you can build a better future for yourself, their online classes can help you build a knowledge base to get better investing results. Your opportunities to grow financially from […]

Sudhir Choudhrie: Co-Founder of Alpha Group

Sudhir Choudhrie is a man of many titles. He is the Vice-Chairman and Co-Founder of Alpha Group, as well as an Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist. Under Sudhir Choudhrie’s leadership, Alpha Group has grown into one of the largest privately-held conglomerates in India, with interests spanning from engineering to power generation to real estate development. He […]

Infrabuild CEO VIk Bansal Has High Hopes for the Australian Manufacturing Sector

Vik Bansal, who is the proud Chief Executive Officer of InfraBuild, is quite optimistic regarding the future of the Australian manufacturing sector. In particular, he believes that this sector can thrive in the post-pandemic days. It is common knowledge that global supply chains have been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. These times have caused […]

PosiGen: Using a Blower Door to Measure Air Leaks

As a leading provider of commercial and residential solar systems, PosiGen solar power company knows the importance of going green and reducing your carbon footprint. Currently, choosing to go solar can be an important step toward that goal, but it’s not always the best option for every household or business owner. To determine whether you’re […]

Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is one of the very distinguished philanthropists in the United States. After making a fortune in the packaging and newspaper industry, he later gave millions of dollars to various charitable causes, notably establishing the Kraft Group. He is currently one of the leading philanthropic families in America, having given millions of dollars to […]

Andrew Frame And Citizen App Development

Andrew Frame is a highly experienced entrepreneur. He was the mind behind the development of the citizen app. The app has been of great help in improving people’s lives. People interested in attending protests would like to know more about the safety arrangements. The citizen app developed by Andrew plays a significant role in availing […]