Jason Hope, a Futurist Who Wants to Help You

Jason Hope is a futurist, philanthropist, and investor. His vision for the future of Vancouver isn’t just about technology and sustainability. His roots in the city go back to when he was a young boy. He grew up in the Downtown Eastside, where his father worked as a carpenter. The young Jason Hope was fascinated by the construction sites around him and asked his dad why they weren’t using more efficient tools like lasers. Futurist Jason Hope believes in giving back to humanity, including helping those less fortunate than ourselves. 


He recently launched RootProject, which works to help those living in poverty across Canada through direct donations to their community projects. Here at Bitcoin MagTempeine, we caught up with Hope to learn more about his work and how you can help people get rich through technology.


Jason Hope and his philanthropic work 


As a longtime supporter of The SENS Organization, activist investor Jason Hope is passionate about stem cell research and various longevity protocols. He strives to improve treatment for degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cancer by spreading knowledge, advocating treatments, and most importantly, assisting individuals in becoming self-sustainable and independent. Jason Hope is also a huge proponent of community-based medicine and promotes a “do it yourself” approach to medical training. No stranger to the steps of politics, Mr. Hope frequently speaks at political conferences to discuss trends in government and America’s increasingly corrupt politics. 


Activist Investor Jason Hope

Jason Hope’s political work 

Hope is a prominent participant in Tempe’s political and business spheres and elsewhere, offering thought leadership and political and business growth opportunities. He provides support for issues related to public policy through public speaking, small business development, and political leadership. He is frequently quoted, quoted, or featured by news outlets including CNBC, ABC News, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, NPR, The Atlantic, Business Insider, National Review, Fox Business, and The Wall Street Journal. Jason Hope regularly conducts numerous media interviews on topics ranging from politics to science, technology, and business. 


Jason Hope’s Commitment to Futurism 

When we talk about the future of medical research, we often speak in generalities. Inherently, medicine involves the uncertainty of new technology, knowledge, and future trends, along with the uncertainties of what healthcare and technology companies (for instance) will prioritize. Therefore, for Jason Hope, it’s essential to distinguish how and when we try to invest our money. For example, assuming it’s all about rapid change and innovation, Jason’s position is investing in a way that has a clear ceiling-to-ceiling floor plan to accomplish certain objectives.