Rachel Nichols’ Memorable Moments As A Journalist

ESPN host Rachel Nichols, has always loved being part of the sports world since she was a child. During her time as a young person interested in a professional related to sports, she couldn’t be a professional athlete or team executive since there were no female team executives. Her conclusion to become a female sports journalist came after critical thinking.

Among the interviews that made Rachel Nichols stands out as a sports journalist included the interview with LeBron James when he was at the age of 17 and 32, one year after announcing he was leaving Cleveland for Miami. She also remembers the interviews she covered with Serena and Venus Williams when they were still starting their careers. The interviews with these two tennis champions were a lot more than just winning a tournament. The other interview that impacted her life was one she did with Floyd Mayweather about domestic violence.

During Rachel Nichols’s interviews, she has learned to ask questions that are always grandstanding. When people are asked questions that are only after exposing the truth, it gets harder for people to get offended.

Rachel Nichols has learned that journalists should never form their own personal sports opinion about a team, player, or game before going out and speaking to the players involved. Rachel’s slogan has always been never to use any cheap shots to win the audience’s attention. According to Rachel Nichols’s policy, if anyone has a problem with anything she said on TV, let the person call her and talk about it.

As a sports journalist, she has also had her own share of embracing moments. For instance, she recalls one incident in Buffalo during winter where she was flown off the box she was standing on while giving out her report on Sportscenter live. Refer to this page for related information.


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