Andrew Lazarus: Ownership of the Beach Hotel by Iconic Lazarus Family

Beach Hotel Merewether is one of the most highly rated pubs in Newcastle, located at 99 Fredrick Street.

The Twohill and Bale families have owned it for more than forty years.

However, the ownership of this hotel has changed as Sydney Hotelier named Andrew Lazarus has purchased it at an undisclosed fee.

Andrew Lazarus’ family has been in the hospitality field and has owned several of these hospitality places for more than thirty years.

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Several assets these Eastern hotel groups own include the Hamilton, Warwick Farm, The Exchange Hotel, The Shoal Bay Country Club, Vauxhall Inn, among others.

However, speaking to The Newcastle Herald, Lazarus stated that the family has been eying The Beaches Hotel, and all the effort is focused on owning it too.

The Beach Hotel is regarded as an asset in Newcastle and thus termed as Newcastle Trophy Asset as marketed by Dean Moore and Mike Wheatley of Knight Frank.

Peter Lazarus, who is Eastern Hotel Group director is expected to take over the operation and running of the Beach hotel.

His reputation includes his evident role in Shoal Bay Country Club renovation.

The hotel has been strategically located where the region most regarded beaches are.

It has a unique style of building by using circa 1946 bricks which have been iconic with the people in this region.

This property has other iconic features, including the expansive verandas, the location near the Merewether surf beach, and is just a few minutes away from the Newcastle CBD.

There is also a distinct art and decoration style that uniquely identifies the property.

Even though John Twohill, who has owned the property for a long time, stated that he had mixed reactions on letting it go, the ownership has changed now.

Therefore, the Lazarus family stated that they have a plan of refurbishment, but this would happen after engaging with the architects and the community.

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