Steph Korey: Revolutionizing the Entrepreneurial Sector

People’s upbringing shapes how they view things and the world. Steph Korey had a multicultural upbringing since her parents came from different origins. Steph Korey traveled abroad to visit relatives during her childhood, which helped her appreciate her parents’ cultures. The many visits played a part in shaping her perspective on different things and understanding the world.


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Having grown in multiple cultures, Steph Korey studied International Relations and acquired a degree in the same. She later got employment as a conflict resolution personnel in Atlanta. Since she wanted a job to help meet her professional goals, Korey chose to work in the private sector and got one in the field.

She worked in the supply chain department at one of the largest eyeglasses supplying companies in the area. That is where she learned about creating a supply chain network.

How Storytelling Influences Audience’s Attention

While working in various organizations, Korey learned that storytelling attracts customers’ attention and pushes them to act accordingly. She also understood that a brand needs more than to produce a high-quality item to succeed in the market.

Most customers purchase products because of the stories behind their brands. Seven years ago, Ms. Korey was one of Away’s founders. She helped the lifestyle firm get awarded twice during her term for being a leader in innovation.

Helping Upcoming Entrepreneurs to Prosper

Steph Korey has had a long way to become the successful entrepreneur she is today. She utilized the business management, supply chain, and marketing expertise she acquired for many years to start a company. She uses the same skills to help upcoming business people and women receive proper mentorship and business management skills to enter new markets.

Additionally, the opportunity enables her to learn the upcoming trends that will allow her to grow professionally. She provides start-up capital to upcoming entrepreneurs as they start their businesses. She mainly concentrates on helping women and unrepresented business people who may not have received funding for their ventures.