Alddo Molinar and his Career Journey

Medicine is one of the most revered professions in the world. Doctors play a big role in treating and relieving pain and suffering for many people. But while medicine is a respected profession, not many people understand what it takes to be a doctor in modern society. We talked to Dr. Alddo Molinar in order to get a picture of his medical career. 


Becoming a doctor 


There’s no doubt that attending medical school is one of the first steps towards becoming a doctor. Although it is a vital aspect of becoming a doctor, medical school is just a component that marks the start of a doctor’s career as Alddo Molinar states. As can be seen through his life, the first stages involve having a natural desire to alleviate pain and suffering. After having that desire, Dr. Alddo Molinar went ahead to pursue an undergraduate degree in biology before joining a medical school. Despite the fact that an undergraduate degree and medical school gave him formative experience, Molinar’s major influential experience happened when at the Cleveland Clinic where he undertook his residency. The medical facility offered Alddo Molinar a more holistic understanding of his anesthesiology field. 


Alddo Molinar Hip Surgery Specialist

Busy days 


Considering the fact that patients normally get to interact with doctors only when they have health issues, it may be difficult for them to understand how hectic their daily schedules are. Speaking to him gives us a clear picture of the nature of his work as a critical care medicine expert and how a doctor’s day is filled with many activities. Alddo Molinar compares his job with being a pilot in a busy airport. The airport is like an operating room with a lot of patients who need to be attended to. In order to meet the needs of all his patients, the doctor must adjust his working routine. This means waking up as early as 5.15 am and getting to the hospital at a quarter past six. 


About Alddo Molinar


Dr. Alddo Molinar is a renowned anesthesiologist based in Youngstown, Ohio. He attended the University of Texas Southwestern medical school where he graduated with honors in 2005. He has over 17 years of various experience in anaesthesiology.