Alejandro Betancourt Strategy

Social media has a huge role to play in businesses. Harnessing the different opportunities that social media channels present is something most business owners should learn. One such individual who has taken advantage of the social media platforms to expand his business is Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. He has extensive knowledge in the industry with his experience across the different companies. While working for another firm Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was approached by two partners who started a business. The business was concerned with selling sunglasses, but despite the significant number of sales they made, their books were not in order.

The two resulted in hiring Alejandro due to his extensive knowledge in the business sector. He decided to look into modern ways of expanding the business without using many financial resources. Social media was the tool he would use though it was not that popular. He decided to employ social media influencers to promote the brand. The different young social media influencers would take pictures adorning the sunglasses and showcase the different ways of styling the glasses. One way in which Alejandro ensured that the marketing tool was effective is by appointing individuals who have a considerable following and more

Additionally, the different social media influencers were in love with the brand. Working with them was seamless, and they could get various incentives. The success rate was overwhelming, and the growth in the brand could be visibly from the social media platform’s analytics. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez focused on the customer service aspect such that if there were a problem at any step of the supply chain he would get notified. It is an advantage as customers would return for more purchases.

With the increasing demand Alejandro Betancourt Lopez thought of making the business environmentally friendly and is determined to create a line of sunglasses that are ecological friendly. The line seems to be appealing to the younger demographics. For Betancourt, he has not reached the end as he continues looking for opportunities to do better.