The San Francisco Giants’ CEO, Larry Baer

Larry Baer, the San Francisco Giants’ President, and chief executive serve as the group’s “control” authority for all MLB and labor issues. Under the guidance of the SF Giants CEO, the Giants designed and constructed the first executively endorsed Big League stadium.

The San Francisco Giants has enjoyed tremendous community support from its foundation, and is the only one of the four clubs in the country to continuously achieve 3 million admirers for 8 years. The ballpark also organizes all of the country’s main competitions, with the Giants leading the league in endorsement deals.

Larry Baer is the club’s chief consultant and arbitrator, and he oversees the majority of the club’s financial and sporting transactions. Larry Baer, the Giants CEO was influential in the Giants’ engagement with Comcast to create a local sports channel in the Bay Area. The Giants’ CEO also led the charge to host the 2007 Playoff Game in San Francisco and collaborated with the team’s recruitment team on selective signings that would keep a handful of key Giants guys in the team’s attire for many years to come.

The SF Giants CEO is also the current Chairman of the Technical Services offered by the Giants, which is building Mission Rock at the moment, a 28-acre site that combines the two urban areas across McCovey Cove. During his time as the Giants CEO, Larry Baer has received numerous notable honors. He serves on the boards of governors of National League Baseball’s Commerce and Mainstream press divisions, as well as the Tactical Management and Charter Boards.

Larry Baer’s Bio

Baer worked in the media industry for CBS Inc. and Westinghouse Broadcasting before joining Major League Baseball after graduating from UC Berkeley and Harvard Business School. He joined the Giants in the early 1990s and has been with them ever since. Baer spearheaded the effort to form a new management group in order to maintain the club in San Francisco. As a result, in 2012, he was named CEO of a Major League Baseball franchise. Visit this page for additional information.


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