Fortress Investment Group Has A Tradition Of Investing In

One of the largest world asset management companies is Fortress Investment Group, which got incorporated in early 1998. Initially, Fortress Investment Group got incorporated as a pure equity form.

The company manages clients from various institutions, both public and private sector investors from across the world. Their investments usually range from private equity, liquid hedge funds credit, and traditional asset management strategies.

Fortress Group has a tradition of investing in sectors and areas usually undervalued, distressed, and illiquid credit investments. The fortress investment group also has interests in commercial and residential real estate, where they have invested heavily. The investment group also offers loans through their financial investment farm.

New York plays host to Fortress Group, but they have spread to another region. The fortress gets listed at the New York Securities Exchange, and its stock opened at $18.5 in February of 2007 when its IPO was first open for the public. Over the years, the private investment group has risen over $2.7 billion in funding from four central funds, with their latest funding drive being the Fortress IP fund I.

Fortress has close to 2000 employees, with its board members consisting of ten representatives. Currently, Fortress Investment Group has two principal subsidiaries serving the real estate market, and its headquarters is based in Philadelphia.

The other Fortress Investment group subsidiary is in the mortgage and finance sector, where most of its investments are based. Currently, the finance and mortgage subsidiary usually operate from the United Kingdom, Bracknell. Before it got acquired by the fortress, it used to offer home foundation loans since 1990 when it got incorporated as a limited liability company. To know more click: here.