Why Alejandro Betancourt Leverages Social Media and Problem Solving in Business

Some industries are difficult to break into, and sunglasses would be one of them. However, when the Hawkers sunglasses company was founded, Alejandro Betancourt saw an opportunity that many didn’t. Using the power of social media, he was able to take a business in a saturated market and expand it into new markets. Let’s take a look at just how Alejandro Betancourt uses social media and problem solving to create new business opportunities.

The Power of Social Media

Hawkers is a brand of fashion sunglasses and have sold over 5 million units across Europe alone. It also has market shares in Asia and Africa. The reason that Hawkers has achieved the level of success that it has is that Alejandro Betancourt was one of its early backers. Understanding just how powerful social media could be, he used it to launch aggressive branding and marketing campaigns that took the brand to new heights and made their products must-have items and more

The Power of Problem Solving

Alejandro Betancourt’s business sense isn’t just about leveraging social media, but also problem-solving. This led him to back another company, Jobandtalent, which serves as a platform where employers can find people seeking employment online. Realizing that similar platforms have various problems that hold them back, Betancourt became a backer of Jobandtalent and worked with them to create a superior product using advanced linguistics and machine learning. As a result, it is now active in many countries including the UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Sweden, Columbia, and more.

Going forward Alejandro Betancourt continues to look for opportunities that allow him to use his talents for implementing innovative solutions to various problems. He has stated that he is excited to be a backer for Jobandtalent and that the company still has plenty of room to grow.

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