What It Means to Be Board Certified: The Value of Certification by Dr. Alddo Molinar, an experienced Anesthesiologist

Dr Alddo Molinar is the son of a physician who immigrated from Durango, Mexico. After completing his fellowship, the doctor spent two years in intensive care medicine at Rio Grande Health Clinic in El Paso, Texas. After completing his residency, the doctor returned to Cleveland and began seeing patients at the Rio Grande Health Clinic. In 1995, Alddo Molinar completed a neurological and cardiovascular intensive care fellowship at the renowned Cleveland Clinic.


Awards and Recognitions


Like any specialty, he has received numerous accolades and recognitions for his incredible expertise. However, many of Alddo Molinar´s accomplishments were the result of patient care and the skill he employed while providing medical attention. In 2008, he received the Honorary Service Award from the Lifestyle Pharmacy International Health Council. This award honors an individual who brings to light a previously unknown issue and, in doing so, dramatically enhances the quality of life for patients.


After receiving a Life Saver Award for life-saving efforts at Ohio Valley Regional Hospital, Dr. Molinar was recognized again in 2015 for the unique way he gives his patients his full attention.


Dr. Alddo Molinar

The Story of Dr. Molinar


First and foremost, Dr. Alddo Molinar takes pride in his craft. He has trained extensively and completed numerous programs, including those offered through the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), the Society of Thoracic Anesthesiologists (STA), the American Association of Critical-Care Anesthesiologists (AACA), the American Society of Perioperative Physicians (SAP), the International Society of Perioperative Anesthesiology (ISPA), and the Society of General Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (SGAPM). He has also completed a customized anesthesia program designed to address unique risks and challenges in his particular field of medicine.


Alddo Molinar: I attribute my motivation to become an anesthesiologist to the hundreds of injections I received to overcome illness as a child. Dr. Molinar has been practicing medicine since 2010. He is currently a member of the Ohio Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline and The Ohio Board of Anesthesiology. Alddo Molinar has treated medical conditions such as heart attacks.


Alddo Molinar: I like to meet all of my patients. I had a veterinarian father and a homemaker mother. I completed medical school in 1978 and completed my residency in 1988.