Citizen App: A Weather Application For The People

The Citizen app is one of many phone apps that keep track of the weather so you can know what to expect during the day. However, what makes the Citizen App stand out from other phone apps is the fact that they will give you instant weather warnings when there’s a severe weather situation.

With the help of the National Weather Service, the Citizen app will warn you whenever there’s signs of a major storm or a tornado in the area. The app will also let you know if there are dust storms or floods in the area, or they’ll let you know if there’s one that will happen soon. Safety of the community is top priority when it comes to the app, they want to make sure that citizens will be up to date with weather news and know if they need to evacuate or not.

Citizen App will also mention which areas will be hit the most, along with some important travel updates so everyone is in the know. Instant alerts are currently nationwide at the moment, so even if you live in an extremely rural area in the United States, you’ll be able to get weather updates no matter what.

The warnings from the app have genuinely helped save lives recently. In New York, the app had sent out warnings of heavy rain during Hurricane Ida. Residents and visitors had made sure to take the requests to take shelter seriously and because of this, many people were able to stay protected during the storms. The application also has a social aspect and members of the community can interact with each other on the app. People can let others know if they’re in a warning area and those people can share live video updates, bringing accurate showcases to the weather at hand. Read this article for additional information.


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