Dick DeVos: A Voice For Better Education In Michigan

Dick DeVos is the CEO of Windquest Group, the private equity firm he founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His long business career began in Michigan, the city in which she grew up. His commitment to his community has never waned, and his philosophy is widespread throughout the state.


For many years, the DeVos family was best known as owners of the Amway Corporation. The family patriarch, Richard DeVos who was Dick’s father, founded the company in 1959. Dick DeVos learned about business and leadership from the many years he spent as an employee of Amway. He eventually raised up in the ranks to become the company’s CEO.


Dick DeVos has helped to lead the way in many civic-minded and charitable endeavors in areas of Detroit and other cities. His monetary donations exceed $2,000,000 for educational and other projects. His wife, a respected public figure in her own right, is equally as committed to these causes.


Mrs. Elizabeth DeVos is more commonly known as Betsy. She became a presidential appointee to the role of Secretary of the Department of Education of the United States. She is best known for the active role she played, and continues to play, in an effort to expand school choice and school vouchers. Betsy DeVos has been successful in helping to build awareness about this important issue concerning the country”s young people.


There are other parts in Dick’s personal life that are equally as important to him. One of those is his love for sports. In his office in Grand Rapids, Dick DeVos is surrounded by many of his prized possessions, including photos, awards and other sports-related items.