Learn About QNET

QNET is a direct selling firm that offers fantastic products worldwide, thus allowing customers to have better lifestyles. QNET commits to provide high-quality products and unique services while allowing individuals around the globe to establish sales businesses alongside.

QNET’s strength mainly lies in diversity. While QNET is an Asian heritage-based company, our services are available in various countries around the world. Our distributors are available in Europe, Middle East, Africa, East and South Asia, and Central Asia. Additionally, QNET’s global footprint has helped many developing economies obtain numerous micro-entrepreneurs.

Through QNET, distributors and customers have become a global community allowing them to control their lifestyle. In addition, we have transformed more than a million distributors and satisfied customer’s lives since 1998.

Our mission is to work together with distributors and customers, thus establishing a sustainable future. We also commit to contribute within the communities where our services are present. QNET believes in empowering today’s entrepreneurs as they will be instrumental in future economic change.

At QNET, we train, inform, and educate our distributors to maintain high standards while conducting their business. We also ensure that our distributors maintain and follow strict professional business ethics. Additionally, we pledge to establish industry leaders who serve as business role models to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Through our QNETPRO Program, we commit to supporting the growing number of distributer’s networks to build a sustainable and professional business. QNETPRO program involves online seminars, training programs, and social media campaigns to educate and create awareness about direct selling. The program also helps distributors learn how to build their QNET business.

Additionally, we’ve integrated our sale platform with digital payments, Virtual Office, an e-wallet, and a dashboard for easy sales monitors. This ensures that our distributors have all they require to start their businesses. Some of the vital initiatives we have laid in place include user experience, data security, and e-Store Performance. Watch this video on YouTube, for related information.


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