How the Molekule air filter can improve your life

The air we breathe tends to be containment with air pollutants from cars, dust, factories and other sources. These air pollutants can cause all types of sinus and respiratory problems if they are suspended in the air in high amounts. Suffers of allergies and those near high sources of air pollutants understand the negative effect air pollutants can have on your health. Your quality of sleep suffers due to congestion. Sleep apnea has been linked to air pollutants such a nitrogen dioxide. A high-quality air filter will increase your sleep quality and your overall wellness. The Molekule air filter is the best your money can buy. This top-of-the-line air filter utilizes revolutionary technology that eradicates air pollutants 1,000 times smaller than a traditional air filter. A full-size Molekule can be purchased for $799. A mini Molekule, for single room use, can be purchased for $399. The purchase of a brand new Molekule air filter also includes 6 months’ worth of filters, a $65 saving. As far as the appearance of the Molekule air filter, It is sleek and has an appealing futuristic design. The Mini air filter will fit nicely on an empty dresser. The full-size air filter will blend in with your home instead of being obvious like some of the more affordable air filters. The only negatives about this air filter are that for optimum cleaning the air filters’ light must be on. The air filter does have a night mode option but it fails to clean the air as thoroughly as the daytime mode. But for a couple of hundred dollars, you get what you pay for, the Molekule air filter is practically guaranteed to drastically increase the quality of your air.

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