Grant Assist Helps Australian Startups Find Needed Project Funding

Most businesses, especially new startups in Australia, often struggle with finding enough funds to invest in their ideas, or enough funds to focus on a growth project. Getting the funding from financial institutions or other investment partners is nearly impossible without having some kind of security or a large capital contribution.

However, there is a support system available to start up businesses in the form of grants. Grants Assist is a website and Company that helps small businesses find assistance programs to support their startup business. This gives people the tools, resources and the needed fundamentals of where and how to apply for a grant to fund their business project. What type of grants are available. Actually, on Grants Assist there are grants of all types but for the sake of this article, we will discuss some of the grants available to businesses.

Generally, grants are available to most businesses. The team at Grant Assists says the key is to find the niche under which your business falls. The following are the basic categories of grants available for startup businesses. Keep in mind that every grant has requirements. To find out more about those requirements, visit the Grants Assist Website. 

Technology startups

State governments in Australia are funding projects for technology startups, especially those that are using new technologies. New businesses can claim funding of up to $25,000 to use for their business needs. There are certain requirements for these types of Grants which are available on Grant assist.

Business Consulting Grants

Business advisory grants for consulting firms are also available from states. Funding of up to $500,000, can be at your fingertips. These funds are set aside to help startups who want to share their skills and advice, especially for professionals who can offer relevant consulting services to other businesses seeking information on international markets. Again the requirements vary from state to state but are listed on Grant Assist..

Grants for new business owners

Even business owners who are not a part of new technologies, or high leadership consulting services, can apply for certain allowances. Yes, even the local ice cream shop can apply, if the owner gathers the appropriate requirements. The amount of the grant depends on the type of project, and the type of business. 


Grant Assist can help all types of business owners find the funding they need for certain projects to grow and develop their business in other areas. It is all on the website or calls their number to get more information on available grants in other areas.