Andrew Frame

Andrew Frame founded Citizen in 2017 to make communities safer. Whether you’re in the middle of a late-night walk alone or you’ve noticed an unusual amount of traffic in your neighborhood, Citizen is there to help. Citizen combines location data with 911 intelligence to ensure users are always connected and informed about their community’s safety. […]

Andrew Frame and the Creation of a New App

A fundamental principle to a functioning society is the people being able to communicate and share information with each other. In the olden days, it was limited to those in the local area. However, with the advent of smartphones, the entire playing field has changed. It has become possible to share information between others across […]

Andrew Frame And Citizen App Development

Andrew Frame is a highly experienced entrepreneur. He was the mind behind the development of the citizen app. The app has been of great help in improving people‚Äôs lives. People interested in attending protests would like to know more about the safety arrangements. The citizen app developed by Andrew plays a significant role in availing […]