Recap – Mitto AG Recent Study

Mitto, a leading provider of worldwide omnichannel communications solutions, has released the findings of a poll of 1,000 Americans regarding the impact of customer experience on shipping delay tolerance. According to Mitto AG, 76% of Americans believe poor customer service is worse than delivery delays. The poll indicated that, despite their disdain for shipment delays, […]

Simon Denyer: Knowing the Global Journalist and Author

Simon Denyer’s wide-ranging experience in journalism has enabled him to report from both the inside and outside of institutions, politics, industry, and business. He is as comfortable writing an introduction to a policy report as dissecting US foreign policy. In a country that values public service, Simon is committed to a high-stakes commitment to excellence […]

Dr. Chris Brummer Fintech Week Creator

Dr. Chris Brummer is a co-founder of Fintech Week, a law professor, and Georgetown’s international law faculty director. Before joining Georgetown’s law faculty, he worked at Vanderbilt Law School as an assistant professor. Chris has also taught in several leading universities as a visiting professor. Apart from being a Law professor and leading several financial […]

The Satellite Guru Payan Banazadeh

Payam Banazadeh is the engine behind the Silicon Valley Company building the biggest Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites which aim to assist in offering monitoring services every hour in any corner of the earth. Payam Banazadeh is a graduate from the University of Texas in BS Aerospace Engineering, and a MS in Business and Management […]