Adelaide’s Don Manifold, the Indomitable Business Icon.

Don Manifold is a well-known expert in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures worldwide. He holds an honors degree in Economics from Flinders University and a Master of Business Administration from AGSM. The originator of Manifold Advisory Partners and a corporate MD of Equity & Advisory is a Fellow member of the ICA. Manifold formerly served as […]

 Mahmoud Khattab's Entrepreneurial Success

According to the Gartner CEO Report for 2021, CEOs are venturing into new areas for growth and expanding funding on digital projects. Also, most CEOs anticipate increased investment in virtual competence and technology. The covid 19 also pressured CEOs to refocus their efforts on emerging techs and waive others. Precision MD is a medical device […]

How Miki Agrawal is Eliminating Competition in the Business Sector through Market Disruptions

In the market, dealing with business competition is something that the majority of business owners want to avoid. Miki Agrawal has been working aggressively to eliminate any form of competition in the entire market. Miki is aware that the majority of the organizations are currently struggling to penetrate into the business environment. They don’t know […]

Simon Denyer: Knowing the Global Journalist and Author

Simon Denyer’s wide-ranging experience in journalism has enabled him to report from both the inside and outside of institutions, politics, industry, and business. He is as comfortable writing an introduction to a policy report as dissecting US foreign policy. In a country that values public service, Simon is committed to a high-stakes commitment to excellence […]

How Fortress Investment Group Has Been Selecting Stocks for Investment Purposes

Fortress Investment Group has been consistently highlighted as one of the few organizations in New York that have always been able to select the best stocks for investment purposes. This means that most of the stocks that the company has been selecting have always been very reliable, and they have been generating consistent profits just […]