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18 Pit Bulls Mixed With Basset Hound – Page 2 –.

Basset Hound Pit Bull mix dog See more. Adopt Rocky on. Meet Rocky, an adopted Shar-Pei Dog, from K&K's Animal Rescue in Houston, TX on Petfinder. Learn more about Rocky today. Cyndi Drake. Love my Shar Pei's. What others are saying Rocky See more. Nina, Ugo, Boy & Bully. Pitbull Terrier/Basset Hound Mix looks BA 10 Mixed breeds with super cute names Oh my freaking God! Pixie - Pit Bull/Dachshund Mix: My Daschund is pregnant by my pitbull not planned at all!!! and this is what I'm told the puppies are gonna look like. See more.

This is a mix that might be problematic in the hands of an inexperienced dog owner. Both breeds can be affectionate pets, effective guard dogs and wonderful companions. HOWEVER, hounds were bred to hunt, they follow their noses and can work a sce. 22/12/2009 · Tank is the name of my pitbull basset hound. He mainly expresses traits associated with the hound. Very concerned with odors, excellent sense of smell. He also has that loud whine/cry that's kinda cute but kinda piercing. As for your questions on "turning". I have definitely seen him become aggressive in situations that make him uncomfortable. A basset hound mix of course! It’s like you take all the best traits of each breed and they all get smushed together into a compact basset hound-shaped version. Check these dogs out and then head to your nearest shelter if you’re in the market for a long-term friend where you can find some really incredible mixes! Basset hound-pit bulls: Rare, but cute "Designer dogs" created by mixing two very dissimilar breeds seem to be increasingly popular. But while there are plenty of puggles, labradoodles, snorkies, and even a few pithuahuas, you don't see too many Basset hound pit bulls, alas.

The German shepherd Pit-bull Mix is a big mixed breed dog crossing between the Pit-bull and the German shepherd. He is also known by other names as like, German Sheppit, German Pit and Shepherd Pit. The German shepherd Pit-bull Mix can be quite aggressive with strangers, intelligent, especially other animals and good with families. Absolutely. Why wouldn’t it be? Because it is part Pitbull? Nonsense! Pitbulls were known as nanny dogs because they were so good with kids. Hounds are highly social because they were bred to hunt in large packs. The hound may very well may at lea. The Pitbull Hound Mix is known for being strong-willed and independent. This type of dog is for advanced pet owners. The Hound Pitbull Mix will need a firm trainer to incorporate obedience into this particular dog. The Pitbull Hound makes a great watchdog due to the dominant genes of the Pitbull. Meet Chance, a Basset Hound & Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption, at Rescue Every Dog in Seattle, WA on Petfinder. Learn more about Chance today.

Perchè un nome così buffo? Perchè in questo meraviglioso e adorabile cane la natura ha racchiuso ed in maniera del tutto positiva e fantastica: un incrocio pitbull-bassotto o meglio basset-hound e anche una \"pennellata\" di jack russel, il tutto di taglia medio contenuta, robusto, muscoloso peso intorno ai 20 kg. Basset Hound Pit Bull mix dog See more. 15 Great Rottweiler Mixes: Rottie Mixed Breeds For the Win! Basset Hound Puppy Rottweiler Mix Puppies Doberman Mix Hound Dog Beagle Mix Dogs And Puppies Rottweilers Beagles Unique Dog Breeds. Check out our list of 15 incredible Rottweiler mixed breeds - these guys are too cool for school!

American Pit Bull Terrier-Basset Hound Mix.

Description. Posted Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / Basset Hound / Mixed. Johnny knows Charlie is a 3 year old Bassett/pit/ cattle dog mix. He LOVES other dogs and enjoys being with his people. American Pit Bull Terrier 117 American Staffordshire Terrier 28 Anatolian Shepherd 2 Australian Cattle Dog 30 Australian Kelpie 3 Australian Shepherd 34 Australian Terrier 1 Azore Cattle Dog 1 Basenji 17 Basset Hound 24 Beagle 79 Belgian Tervuren 1 Bichon Frise 3 Black and Tan Coonhound 3 Blackmouth Cur 2.

GRAPES - PIT BULL TERRIER / BASSET HOUND / MIXED MEDIUM COAT DOG FOR ADOPTION. American Pit Bull Terrier-Basset Hound Mix Dogs For Adoption in Charlotte, NC, USA. 02/03/2015 · Rami the dachshund–pit bull mix made a splash last week, and his newfound fame brought a torrent of potential adopters lining up to take the quirky hybrid home. The Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society told NBC on Monday that it's received over. Basset Hound/Pit Bull Mix. Loves making friends with people, adorable personality, very complimented coloring, and unique basset hound front legs which people say are one of his cutest features. He's always hopping around the yard with his short little legs and big body. Had a Basset Mix and a Currhound Mix separately. My Basset learned very quickly but I got her very young. 6 weeks. I was also very young, and really was essentially clueless. However, I walked her a lot and socialized her a lot—I was in college an.

List of Basset Hound Mix Breed Dogs "This is Mary, one of our family dogs at 6 years old. She is a Bassett Hound / Boxer mix. Both her parents were AKC registered breeds. Her father the Bassett, her mother the Boxer. She is very playful and energetic. Basset Hound is originated from France but American Pit Bull Terrier is originated from United States. Basset Hound may grow 18 cm / 7 inches shorter than American Pit Bull Terrier. Both Basset Hound and American Pit Bull Terrier are having almost same weight. Basset Hound may live 3 years less than American Pit Bull Terrier.

O'HARE - PIT BULL TERRIER / BASSET HOUND / MIXED SHORT COAT DOG FOR ADOPTION. American Pit Bull Terrier-Basset Hound Mix Dogs For Adoption in Camp Hill, PA, USA. A blog about a basset hound/pit bull mix named Madge, and other stuff. Wednesday, June 4, 2014. We're Back! Hi everyone. I'm sorry for the four-year hiatus, but I got very busy with my work as a freelance journalist, and the blog just fell by the wayside. Plott Hounds are powerful, intelligent and very loyal dogs. If not socialized properly they can become dominant and display aggressive behaviour. Pitbulls again are powerful dogs but are also very intelligent and extremely loyal. I have never met. Adopt Enzo East a Pit Bull Terrier, Basset Hound - 5574945098. This is a Male American Pit Bull Terrier, Basset Hound Adoption in Chandler AZ posted on Oodle Classifieds. You can fill out an adoption form on-line on our main website.MEET >>>Enzo!! A4156642>> He/She is courtesy posted. This will always depend on the dog. Breed is not a good predictor of behavior around children. Behavior around children generally has to do with socialization the dog must recognize that the child is a young human, and that young humans have diff.

Anyone know anything about a pittbull/basset.

Meet Hope, a Pit Bull Terrier & Basset Hound Mix Dog for adoption, at Paws Rescue in Swartz Creek, MI on Petfinder. Learn more about Hope today. The Pitbull Lab Mix is an incredibly friendly and social crossbreed. This dog has high energy levels, so she needs a lot of exercises. Plus, we recommend she gets early socialization and training. Learn more about the Lab Pit Mix, including info on their looks and potential health conditions.

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