Thomas Neyhart, Forward-Thinking CEO of PosiGen, Striving Towards a Solar Future

Serial entrepreneur Thomas Neyhart is the founder and CEO of PosiGen, a successful medium-sized solar company based out of Jefferson, LA. He founded this company in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and strives to develop the company further to create a more sustainable future. PosiGen targets its products and services to low and middle-income households.


Thomas Neyhart explains that they achieve this by offering progressive pricing models and affordable energy-efficient options and consulting. He has over 25 years of managerial experience and has run and operated successful businesses in the construction industry. He is known for developing Utica Rentals – a company that rents out construction equipment and machines, and being a partner in a very successful construction staffing company. 


Notably, Thomas Neyhart was part of the 2014 Goldman Sachs 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs List. Neyhart is also a renowned speaker and prominent presence in the construction industry, despite his current focus on solar (Apnnews).

His experience contracting labor and renting out construction equipment likely developed his business model for PosiGen. PosiGen hires locally and has a PoC majority staff, Thomas Neyhart explains. They also offer solar rentals with free installation. PosiGen strives to create a better future by investing in solar technology early. They focus on having a savings-based price model, insisting that not only are solar panels cheaper to install and maintain compared to non-renewable options, but solar is an investment in the future.