The Citizen App Features You Must Know About

You have probably heard about how helpful the Citizen App can be in aiding you to promote your personal safety and also that of your loved one either online or from friends. You might even be considering getting the app yourself. That’s a smart move, but it’s also vital that you understand all of the app’s features to make the best use of it. Here are the app’s features that you must know.

The paid Protect feature

The paid Protect feature is an advanced feature reserved for customers who want an extra level of security when it comes to their safety. You can unlock this feature on your app for a monthly subscription fee, starting at $5. Once you purchase your subscription, you will have round-the-clock access to a highly Trained Protect Agent.

The role of this agent is to help you discreetly by keeping tabs on your live location and audio through the Citizen app. You can also grant the agent permission to monitor your heart rate via your Apple watch. When the agent detects that you are in a sticky situation and need help, they can alert someone near you or call 911.


Unlike the paid Protect feature, the SafeTrace feature is free. This feature was introduced at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak to help the app’s users with contact tracing. Although the pandemic situation is not as threatening as before, this feature can be a lifesaver if you have loved ones in the most vulnerable group.

The SafeTrace feature on the Citizen App uses Bluetooth technology to facilitate contact tracing. When you are about to go out to the public, you turn on the feature, and your phone will use its Bluetooth connection to identify other app users you meet. If one of the app users you encountered is found to have Covid-19, you will receive a notification.

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