Andrew Frame

Andrew Frame founded Citizen in 2017 to make communities safer. Whether you’re in the middle of a late-night walk alone or you’ve noticed an unusual amount of traffic in your neighborhood, Citizen is there to help. Citizen combines location data with 911 intelligence to ensure users are always connected and informed about their community’s safety.

Andrew knew very early that he was interested in computers and was programming games by age seven. He founded his first company, an internet service provider (ISP), at age fifteen and founded Ooma, a consumer telecommunications company, in 2004.

Since he was a teenager, Andrew Frame has worked with networking technology, and that experience gives him a unique perspective on the industry. He spent his first couple of years working in the field of technical support, eventually switching to research & development to earn certifications that would give him an edge in the competitive field. One certification, in particular, stands out — Certified Internetwork Expert — which Frame earned within one year of beginning his career at Cisco.

Andrew Frame came up with the idea of a Citizen App when he didn’t have a safe, reliable way to keep himself and his family safe while travelling abroad. He realized that no products on the market could adequately guarantee his safety without breaking the bank. He set out to solve this problem by creating a mobile security app that would ensure his family’s safety.

Andrew Frame believes you can only bring your best ideas to life with an expert team. And you need to define your team’s role in the larger community to maximize its impact. Also, you can bring your best ideas to life by prioritizing ruthlessly. If you try to do everything, you will get nothing done. So figure out what needs to be done, and do it well. Follow this page on Instagram, for related information.


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