Mahmoud Khattab's Entrepreneurial Success

According to the Gartner CEO Report for 2021, CEOs are venturing into new areas for growth and expanding funding on digital projects. Also, most CEOs anticipate increased investment in virtual competence and technology. The covid 19 also pressured CEOs to refocus their efforts on emerging techs and waive others.

Precision MD is a medical device firm functioning for more than thirty years and is led by Mr. Mahmoud Khattab, CEO. He earned a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and chemistry from the University of Texas, and later, he joined Harvard Business School for his MBA. Mr. Mahmoud started his business as a retail store, which he expanded into two notable gas stations set before shifting on to other fields like real estate and biotech. Mahmoud is an admirer of new technology and medical device development.

His Precision MD outlook involves evolving innovative cancer sensing technologies that can be manufactured at lower prices than today’s rates while retaining performance criteria. Precision MD has grown to be amongst the top healthcare device firms in the United States, with net sales rising yearly under his leadership. Precision MD is situated in Elk Grove, California, and represents the Sacramento area.

The precision MD specializes in urology, diagnostic tools, health, sexual well-being, and other health professions governed by big organizations. They have teamed up with various medical care for drug trials, such as the UT Physicians group.

Mr. Mahmoud Khattab was a partner in establishing BioHouston, which aims to facilitate a thriving biomedical community in Houston for existing and new businesses. Khattab has acquired numerous accolades for his business achievements locally and globally. He also serves on the boards like the Harvard Business School Alumni Board, the University of Texas, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Besides business, Mr. Khattab is an enthusiastic supporter of his group.

Mr. Mahmoud established the Mahmoud Khattab charity Foundation. The foundation helps various charitable initiatives worldwide, such as orphanages in Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. Moreover, the foundation provides academic and social works in Lebanon. It has assisted in reconstructing schools, libraries, and orphanages in attacked regions. Learn More HERE: