A Look at the Career of Trey Branham

Trey Branham is an alumnus of Florida State University and University of South Carolina Law School. His stepfather was a significant influence in his life; hence he contributed significantly towards shaping his career path. He taught him to rise above personal limitations and commit to hard work. Trey Branham started his career dealing with corporate clients, but afterward, that practice area failed to fulfill his purpose. Instead, he wanted to represent ordinary individuals going through everyday life struggles. As a Dean Omar Branham Shirley LLP partner, he fulfills his purpose through regular practice.

One of the things that Trey Branham recognizes is that representation of people aggrieved by the acts of others is common. However, at his law firm, the focus is not to be in a niche with the masses but to offer excellent representation to clients. Through hard work and determination, justice is served. Branham has mastered times of the day that contribute to productivity to provide excellent services. For him, to provide excellent services as a lawyer, in the morning, before 9 am should be the most important time of the day. In the evening, after 5 pm also counts as the hours where one can critically analyze their thoughts and ideas.

To bring ideas to life, Trey Branham has mastered the art of collaboration. His law firm offers excellent teamwork opportunities as the firm has several lawyers who carry along years of experience. In this era, Branham is grateful for the introduction of virtual courts. Most lawyers had to do several travels pre-pandemic. As a result, productivity levels were super low. Now that lawyers can work from wherever they are, excellent client representation has gone up.