Wes Eden and His Love for Sports

Wes Edens, who is 58 years old, is well-versed in Oregon. He studied finance and business administration at Oregon State University from 1980 to 1984. Wes Edens received the university’s Exemplary Business Professional medal in 2007 for, well, a great business profession. Edens has amassed a remarkable resume since joining Lehman Brothers in 1987. He is the managing director of Fortress Investment Group and the CEO of New Fortress Energy, an investment company that has amassed wealth through numerous acquisitions. One of them is the Bucks, for which Wes Edens and associate Marc Lasry paid $5.55 billion in 2014. The business is now worth $1.4 billion, roughly three times what the original owners spent just six years ago.


Edens didn’t come from a wealthy family. Edens was the last born of four children bred on an 80-acre farm in Helena, Montana. He loved skiing as a child. Wes Edens relocated to Oregon State in 1980 after a junior year at Montana State. Edens came to Oregon State amid Ralph Miller’s “Orange Express” teams’ golden days. This is where he got his basketball bug. He attended every tournament he could. It was such an essential element of student life back then. His coach, Ralph miller, was an outstanding coach and a good teacher who followed the rules. 


The program was an excellent example for student-athletes, Edens stated. He became an NBA supporter during his time in Oregon state. In 1985, Wes Eden moved to New York, and it was then that he became a fan of Knicks. And as the years passed, it was a massive part of his family’s affair, watching the tournaments with his children. 


The NBA is a fantastic brand and an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with family. Due to his passion for basketball, Wes Edens began contemplating owning an NFL team. However, his love for football was not as much compared to basketball. In 2014 he got a call from a firm representing the owner of Bucks, Sen.Herb Kohl, as they were trying to sell the team. Since he did not have much knowledge about the economic side of the NBA organization, he spent three days in their offices learning about the league. He realized that it was a fantastic brand and a professional sports organization. The media rights dictate the worth of the sports franchise; therefore, he purchased in the request before signing media contracts.