PosiGen Solar Energy

Electricity bills always have a great impact regardless of your occupation and background. If you are not an IT expert or an electrical engineer, probably you don’t know how electricity bills are formed and why the amounts appear differently month in month out. PosiGen staff members explain that this makes electricity providers seem to be hiding something completely different from solar energy. 


Here at PosiGen solar power company, we can explain what solar energy means, how it works and how it helps you save money by getting it installed in your home. Solar panel systems are devices made of silicon photovoltaic cells that can tap energy from the sun in light directly into electric energy using the principle of photovoltaic effect. When these cells at the PosiGen solar power systems are exposed to sunlight, they absorb light energy and convert it into direct current electricity.


This can be used as alternating current by using a solar inverter from PosiGen. Solar energy is a very effective form of energy aimed at helping decrease carbon emissions and protecting the environment. Numerous incentives are available to homeowners who purchase and install solar panels in their homes and businesses. Additionally, many local authorities are at the forefront in offering these incentives. 

For instance, Connecticut Green Bank covers part of the PosiGen Solar Program for homeowners accross America. If you decide to install solar panels systems, you will continue getting a single utility bill from your energy provider. However, the situation would be different if you agree to sign the PosiGen solar lease deal, which more than 15,000 U.S homeowners have already signed. You will receive two separate bills, one for the regular utility bill with a decrease for the solar you produce and your monthly PosiGen, fixed bill.