Efforts Portrayed by A Gordonstoun Student, Scarlett Sykes, In Supporting the Brain Tumor Research Program

Scarlett Sykes has been widely and globally recognized for her community efforts in fundraising for a Brain Tumor Research program.

Her efforts and passion in helping other living tumor cancer patients were inspired by her late stepfather, Paul Malcolm.

Scarlet’s stepfather, Paul Malcolm, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor that he succumbed to after five weeks.

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Paul’s diagnosis and death came as a massive shock to Scarlett and her family, including her brother and mother.

The eighteen-year-old Gordonstoun student Scarlett Sykes began a fundraising platform to commemorate her late stepfather.

Scarlett’s stepfather, Paul Malcolm, was a British Army reservist, and according to Scarlett Sykes, he seemed utterly fit and healthy at the time.

He had even completed two operational tours to Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, Paul Malcolm died after five weeks of diagnosis at the age of forty-eight.

As a Gordonstoun student intellect, Scarlett Sykes raised 3,000 pounds to go directly to the charitable organization Brain Tumor Research.

According to the Brain Tumor Research program, adults, and children under the age of forty succumb to brain tumors more than any other type of cancer.

According to Scarlett Sykes, she was just fifteen years when her stepfather passed on, and she barely understood what was going on at the time.

Scarlett and her family wish to ensure that no other family will experience the pain they have been through and are willing to provide any necessary support to families battling brain tumors.

Scarlett Sykes is currently awaiting her A-level examination results that will determine whether she will join her dream university in London, Goldsmith University, to pursue a career in psychology.

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