Ombori on Using Product Designer During the Holiday Shopping Season

Ombori Wants To Help Enhance The Shopping Experience This Holiday Season

Experts predict that the average person is going to spend $1000 throughout the holiday season. This kind of news is exciting for retailers. However, it leaves them trying to develop a plan to get shoppers to visit their stores, whether in person or virtually. One way retailers are enhancing the shopping experience is through the Ombori Grid Product Designer.

The Ombori Product Designer is an app that customers can use to create personalized products. For example, if a customer is shopping for new furniture, they can use the app to see what the store has in stock.

Once the customer chooses a piece of furniture, the product designer allows them to personalize the product. Customers can use a material reader to try out different fabric swatches. By clicking on the product, customers can get the detailed information regarding the product. They can download the information to a mobile device through a QR code.

That is not all that customers can do on the app. Customers can finish their purchase through the app by using a credit card or a form of digital payment. The Product Designer is not just for furniture stores. It can fit the needs of many retailers, including electronic stores, department stores, clothing stores and more.

Product Designer is not the only app that can assist with enhancing the shopping experience this holiday season. The Signage Playlist is an app that allows retailers to create their digital signage playlist. This feature encourages customer interaction with the signage through voice or touch. The playlists can feature animations, images, video, audio and more. Retailers can change what appears on the screen and even when it appears. Ombori believes that using these tools will help retailers to make a profit this holiday season.

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