Andrew Frame and the Creation of a New App

A fundamental principle to a functioning society is the people being able to communicate and share information with each other. In the olden days, it was limited to those in the local area. However, with the advent of smartphones, the entire playing field has changed. It has become possible to share information between others across long distances.

Andrew Frame uses this as the core of his application business models. Users can inform other users about what they see in their field of view. Ideamensch recently inquired about his service and how the application keeps its users safer than ever.

Citizen became available for purchase on respective app stores in 2016. An idea from the mind of Andrew Frame was now open to the world. Citizen App is designed to allow users to crowdsource reports of suspicious or unusual activity they see. This allows the app to became a hotspot for the most up to date information. As the Covid-19 situation deepened, Citizen became more useful for the average user. More people staying locally meant more reporting about what was going on the area. Andrew Frame saw Citizen greatly expand during this time period.

Andrew Frame has implemented multiple avenues to keeping Citizen relevant to its target audience. He first uses his entire staff to bounce around ideas. Once they reach the end stage, the concept has often evolved into something much more tangible. In addition, he applies many of the lessons from outside work to the job. Books and poetry are a major of inspiration for projects with the Citizen app.

As more and more smartphone owners discover the application, it will increasingly become more valuable as a source of information. The future is looking bright for this service. Keeping everyone up to date ensures users come back for more. Visit this page for additional information.


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