Infrabuild CEO VIk Bansal Has High Hopes for the Australian Manufacturing Sector

Vik Bansal, who is the proud Chief Executive Officer of InfraBuild, is quite optimistic regarding the future of the Australian manufacturing sector. In particular, he believes that this sector can thrive in the post-pandemic days. It is common knowledge that global supply chains have been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. These times have caused many developed nations, such as Australia, to reconsider their various dependencies. Interestingly, Vik Bansal views the current weakened manufacturing sector as a massive opportunity.

Mr. Bansal was recently appointed as the CEO of an Australian business that specializes in steel, distribution, manufacturing and recycling. This business is called InfraBuild. Bansal believes his duties do not end with InfraBuild’s operations. He actually wished to transform his sector on a larger scale. Specifically, Vik Bansal has commented on his hopes for Australia to have a more efficient recycling infrastructure, which he believes would result in a circular economy. Both the waste management sector and the manufacturing sector are strong interests of Mr. Vik Bansal.

In the fall of 2020, the Modern Manufacturing Initiative was announced by Australia’s government. This $1.3 billion fund has great things in store for the nation’s manufacturing industry. Both economic recover and long-term resilience are the objectives of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative. Mr. Bansal views this development positively, and noted that it signifies the government’s acknowledgement of the domestic manufacturing sector’s role. Additionally, Vik Bansal is hopeful that the strengthening of the Australian domestic manufacturing sector will provide an employment boost as well.

Both the nation’s economy and its sustainability will be affected by a more robust manufacturing sector. Mr. Bansal has vast experience in this area, and his company, InfraBuild, can benefit greatly from the recycling and clean energy priority areas of the recent Modern Manufacturing Initiative.