Tim Murawski And Augmedics Success

Augmedics is a company that has been at the forefront of developing augmented reality applications in spine surgery. Many people who suffer from spinal injury develop complications that need special care. Under the leadership of Tim Murawski, the company has been developing medical devices. The application of augmented reality in medicine has proven to be more effective when managing different types of spinal injuries. 


Commercial officer for Augmedics

Tim Murawski serves as the commercial office of Augmedics. He has a lot of experience in the field of medicine and running a business. His specialization in biotechnology and the years in running companies make him stand the best chance of making the right decisions that have seen the Augmedics company grow over time. According to Tim Murawski, the application of the latest technology has proven to be highly reliable when tackling different issues related to spinal injury. 


Augmented reality during spinal surgery

The application of augmented reality during spinal injury is a new concept that has been applied. The medical devices developing company stands out when developing medical innovations that help them tackle different issues in everyday life. Tim Murawski explains that they have attracted the attention of many health care experts because of their reliable devices. 


Specialist in biotechnology

Tim Murawski has a lot of experience in biotechnology. The background has played a significant role in making him develop the right strategies to run a company that deals with the development of medical devices. There are several policies he has contributed that have been of great help towards developing high-quality devices that solve different issues in people’s lives.