Andrew Frame And Citizen App Development

Andrew Frame is a highly experienced entrepreneur. He was the mind behind the development of the citizen app. The app has been of great help in improving people’s lives. People interested in attending protests would like to know more about the safety arrangements. The citizen app developed by Andrew plays a significant role in availing the correct information that citizens can rely on to take necessary actions when dealing with different life issues. The highly reliable app has attracted attention from other people because of its security features.

CEO of Citizen

Andrew Frame founded the company that is behind the development of the Citizen App. The app aims at making citizens fully informed about different issues that can affect their lives. Those interested in offering the right solutions can rely on the app to get timely updates. The app was developed to simplify the way people access information. All the information is verified to ensure citizens can take the right actions.

Combining location information and 911 intelligence

The citizen app developed by Andrew Frame combines location information and 911 intelligence. Those interested in getting timely updates can rely on the app to make the right decisions. It is a reliable app that was developed to improve security in the comminutes. It can alert people when there is a fire or criminal activity in a given location.

Serial entrepreneur

Andrew Frame has several other businesses. He is a highly skilled investor who has tried his luck in different ventures, and in most cases, the ventures have been very successful. The different moves he makes are well calculated. For example, the app’s development has played a great role in solving a need in the community.

Expert software programmer

Apart from being a highly experienced entrepreneur, he is also an expert software programmer. He has worked in several companies before starting his own company that made citizen app. Follow this page on Instagram for additional information


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