Andrew Alexander Achievements And Impact To The Entertainment Industry

Andrew Alexander is a known television producer, an innovative and influential theatre producer and film. He runs in people’s minds for his achieved concrete leadership at The Second City and the television show SCTV and co-development here.

Born in England Andrew Alexander was given the right care by his parents. His father landed himself a job with an aeronautics engineering company that forced Andrews’s father to migrate to Canada. This was in 1951. Andrew Studied at the Tri-State College in India and completed his university in Toronto at Ryerson University.

In 1967, Alex worked for Thompson Newspaper and Oakville Beaver Newspaper as well. In 1970, he was an editor at Ski Magazine and at the same time at the John Lennon Peace festival. This was in Toronto. Still in Toronto, Andrew successfully worked with other companies . Still, he had some marketing and publicity roles in Chicago. It’s at this place that he met Bernie Sahlins, the second city owner and co-founder.

He arrived at the second City when it was failing, where he agreed to assume the depts with an exchange of rights to operate it in Canada. In 1974, Michael was handled over the leadership of the organization after Sahlins agreed on the terms and conditions they had talked about. He managed it well to be what it was and what it is today.

About his career achievements, he has had many that can’t be listed all. He has been awarded the numerous prestigious awards due to his hard work and dedication.

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