How Tim Murawski And Augmedics Are Using Technology To Help With Spinal Surgery

Specializing in biotechnology, Tim Murawski has had a significant impact in the field of surgical robotics. He is Augmedics’ President and Chief Commercial Officer, with over 20 years of managerial experience. He also has a proven track record of launching breakthrough technology in the robotic surgery business and expanding into new markets throughout the world. Tim Murawski worked in leadership capacities for numerous medical device businesses before joining Augmedics in 2019.  Augmedics is a company based in the Chicago area that creates medical devices with advanced technology that bring an interactive experience to spine surgery. 


Before joining Augmedics, successful businessman Tim Murawski spent ten years at Mazor Robotics, where he held the position of Vice President of the company’s worldwide renaissance business. Born and brought up in Chicago, Tim Murawski started his career working at a research and development facility for a large chemical company’s purchasing department after receiving his bachelor’s degree in operations management and supervision from Western Illinois University. 

Realizing that it wasn’t for him, Tim Murawski went into sales and gained the position of territory sales manager at Baxter International Inc. It was here where he sold needleless devices at a time when healthcare professionals were in fear of getting stuck while treating HIV and AIDS patients. After seeing what a difference selling technology designed to improve safety and the quality of life could make in the medical profession, Tim Murawski worked his way up through several medical companies to earn his current position as President and Chief Commercial Officer with Augmedics while still making a difference in the medical profession using technology.