ClassDojo is Challenging Parents to Teach Kids about Historical Heroes

In the modern world, most parents do not take time to tell their kids some important stories about leadership and heroes who have significantly contributed in various areas. This is something that has already affected how most of the kids have been growing as they have not been expecting to have any person who they can check as a role model for their lives. This affects how much kids grow and who they have been looking to emulate.

According to ClassDojo, most of the kids in the modern world are looking to emulate celebrities. These are the people that they have seen on a regular basis on televisions, movies, and marketing billboards. Besides, there is a perception that the kids have already developed that almost everyone in the community seems to appreciate what the celebrities have been able to accomplish in such communities and thereby placing them as leaders.

ClassDojo does not want to be seen as an organization that is portraying most of the celebrities in the country in a bad light. However, the organization wants to make it clear that there are other important people that parents should be speaking about so that their kids can learn about them. This way, they will help in ensuring that most of the leaders who have significantly contributed to the wellbeing of the country are known to the kids.

As the current information shows, most of the historical leaders have been forgotten. Parents expect the kids to learn about such people in their schools. However, it is the view of ClassDojo that such approaches should be changed. The only way kids can learn special details and information about most of the heroes and heroines in the community is by making sure that they are being taught by their parents consistently so that they can get inspired.

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