Vik Bansal Explores The Current State Of Global Waste Management

Unsustainable waste management has been identified as one of the biggest threats that the world faces today. The evidence of this is the Pacific garbage patch, an island of plastic waste three times France’s size floating in the Pacific Ocean. Luckily, governments and business leaders around the world have started taking steps to remedy the situation. Vik Bansal is one such business leader heading Cleanaway, the top waste management enterprise in Australia. Not so long ago, he came out to explore the current state of global waste management.

Australia is becoming a trailblazer in sustainable waste management

Vik said that Australia is on a path to become a global trailblazer ins sustainable waste management. This is after the country launched the Recycling Modernization Fund, an innovative $134 million program to rejuvenate the waste management and recycling industry. It is estimated that the country puts out close to 67 million tons of waste yearly. This program will see that waste management companies have the latest technology and improved capacity to recycle more waste.

An exemplary leader

Vik Bansal said that the country would see over 10 million tons of recyclable waste stop ending up in landfills. Additionally, the program will have tremendous economic implications as 10,000 jobs will be created throughout its implementation.

Vik Bansal said that once the recycling program has proven successful, many other countries will be looking to copy it. Moreover, Australia has set aside an additional $24 million through the National Waste Management Policy Action Plan for the Commonwealth waste management improvement goals. See this page for additional information.

About Vik Bansal

Vik Bansal has spent more than 20 years as a business leader. His most notable position before joining Cleanaway in Australia was as the COO and President of Valmont Industries. This is a $3.3 billion manufacturing and engineering enterprise with global ties based in Omaha, Nebraska.


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