Robert Bull Continues To Make RoyaleLife UK’s Powerhouse

From his infancy, Robert Bull has been interested on how he will transform the lives of as many people as he can especially those that are deemed by the society as vulnerable and without a helper. True to his dream, Robert Bull is now changing the lives of many UK individuals who have turned 45 years and above by providing them with well-furnished bungalows in gated communities at selected areas through his RoyaleLife firm.

Thanks to his zeal and the love of those that are now aging gracefully, Robert Bull is enabling these oldies live a meaningful life at a time most of them have either lost hope or are unable to enjoy whatever life after all.

RoyaleLife, a fitting name for the firm offers England’s oldies a chance to live in houses outside their homes, some of which they have lived for many years. According to Robert Bull, some of the homes these oldies have been living in are not fit for their age.

The Royale Life CEO claims the houses he has visited have many hurdles that make it difficult for these oldies to enjoy life. “Some houses have two or three stories without a lift or elevators. The oldies have to climb the stairs to reach their houses with tiny rooms and unsafe balconies.

Even if they want to, they can’t play because many of these houses don’t have space. They share house floors or entrances with other families who have young children who either scold these oldies or don’t appreciate them,” Robert Bull observes.

Aware of the various hurdles the oldies go through in the homes they have stayed for many years, Bull through his RoyaleLife program has given oldies hope by giving them comfortable bungalows that are built with them in mind. The new houses have playgrounds, are low, have large spaces at the entry, balcony, and other safety measures to ensure oldies are comfortable. Refer to this page for additional information