Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen Makes Solar Energy Affordable

PosiGen, headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the leading residential solar energy, energy efficiency and energy education supplier to low and moderate income families and communities in the nation and is currently led by Thomas Neyhart. It boasts of more than 17,000 residential customers. Since PosiGen hires over 60% of its employees from the communities it serves, it is also an economic boost for those communities, in addition to saving them money on energy cost. It currently has over 270 direct employees as well as 120 contractors in Louisiana, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. PosiGen can save customers up to 80% on their energy bill with no upfront cost. 


In addition to offering a lease program for its equipment, PosiGen also helps save customers money through the free home efficiency improvements as part of their services. The life of the lease comes with maintenance and monitoring of the equipment, Thomas Neyhart has explained. Net metering means customers only pay for energy from the grid if their solar panels don’t produce enough. They are reimbursed for sending surplus energy produced by the panels to the grid. The benefits of leasing your equipment includes free energy efficiency upgrades, easy monthly payments, free installation, system monitoring and maintenance. 


Purchasing your solar power equipment also offers affordable financing options and 12 years of system monitoring. Included with your services is the free energy efficiency inspection that saves homeowners money by sealing all leaks in the home that cause energy loss. Leaks make heating and cooling more expensive. Home improvements maximize customer saving and lower energy bills. Thomas Neyhart has pointed out that in addition, customers also enjoy a cleaner environment, reduction of moisture that causes mold and reduced maintenance cost. Energy efficiency upgrades include installation of a programmable thermostat, air sealing and weather stripping, air filter replacement and attic entrance sealing.


Would you like to see how much money solar panels and energy efficient upgrades can save you? Contact PosiGen to find out more.