Jesse Willms Started Out as a Teenage Entrepreneur

Jesse Willms is the founder of where people in the market for a used car can look up the history of the car they are interested in. People can check to see if the used car has been in any accidents. The can tell a person if the used car they are interested in is a reliable car, and there are car reviews from others who owned that brand and make of car. 

Jesse Willms is a skilled business owner and internet marketer who is known in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Willms’ business is located. People all over the United States and Canada can take advantage of Willms’ services. In 2015, began as a concept. In just six years, over 4 million people are using, for free, to help them buy a used car. 

Jesse Willms is a modern businessman who is thriving on the new and expanding market of Willms was still a teenager when he set his sights on the business world. Willms was a self-taught businessman, heading a 12-man crew. At only 16, Willms owned an online storefront called eDirect Software. The teenage entrepreneur sold newspapers and read books written by billionaires Warren Buffet and Thomas J. Stanley. By age 18, eDirect made Jesse Willms a millionaire. 

Jesse Willms has a ravenous appetite for more and more business ventures. The young entrepreneur is marketing many products that include tooth whitening products, tea, vitamin supplements, and more. Willms’ entire adolescent career has been a series of trial and error attempts. In the 21st cenutury, Jesse Willms is exclusively working with online business opportunities.