Iowa to Get High-Tech Driver's License

It seems that many of our every day things are becoming smarter by the day, and technology has taken a strange turn today in Iowa, as news has come through that people will be able to use a mobile application as their official driving license. It will of course be fully endorsed by the Department of Transportation.

The app itself is free and is due to make an appearance on people's phones as soon as 2015. The post show's Iowa authorities priding themselves on being pioneers in the field.

Sony asks Media to stop distributing Hacked Information

The fallout from the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment continues to filter through the media with more and more information leaking out about the dealings the studio has with some of the biggest stars of TV and film. Sony has now hit back with attorney David Boies calling on a number of media organizations to stop publishing information revealed by the hackers, CNN Money reports.

Sony's Passwords Stored in Obviously-Named File

Sony had thousands of passwords leaked, due, sadly, to the negligence of their own IT department. Why? Because the most sensitive passwords were contained in a file labeled "passwords", complete with an indication of exactly which password was for what account on what site.

Under Your Skin

There might be a new way that people receive the drugs that they need when they are sick. Electric implants could make it possible for people to receive drugs via Wi-Fi. This seems like something that is from a space age, but if it's proven that it can work, then it would make a lot of people happy who rely on several kinds of medicine a day. The implant is more of something that would decrease the risk of a bacterial infection.

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